Captivating Thoughts!

Beware of Imagining your life instead of living it.

Yes, it’s important to strive for what’s better, do your best to achieve those goals of yours or follow your dreams, but it’s important to enjoy life and what it brings your way at the moment and not trick yourself to live in a fantasy far from reality, yes you can argue but I don’t like anything about my life right now, well think of it as when we were little kids, you can’t go be with your friends until you finish your homework. Sometimes life give you homework. you have to get through it before you get to those nice moments you enjoy. the best way to work with those moments in life is by accepting it, working with it until you get to that moment you enjoy.

You can live in denial refusing to deal with reality or doing the opposite of what you should do. well you are not changing anything by acting this way instead you are just making the reality you are refusing last longer….

Moments of True love!

When moments of true love magically appear, Entertainment becomes the time you spend with your loved one, suddenly you don’t need to watch a movie because there is nothin to talk about, or a board game to entertain you because you are bored. when you are truly in love it’s not where or when its whom is what matters, whom you are with whom you are sharing this moment with. They say that True Love is not about lust, It’s true to an extend. It’s a moment of your soul lusting for this connection. a connection that can only be understood of this other half. it’s where your happy moments exist. excited as a child, scared yet intrigued, fear doesn’t stop you from reaching out and risking the rejection. The most simple moments become of greatest joy not because it’s now different but because it now means much more. it’s the place you were looking for to call home, it’s where you settle and want to stay.

Somewhere on an Island!

Off the shores of Latin america. sun rose on this small island where many ships cross by. Trade ships, war ships different types and shapes. in this small island a small village lived. the people that lived here were simple and happy. shiny trinkets or material objects didn’t interest them much. Technology wasn’t distraction not because they didn’t need it or use it, but because this was the year 1760 C.E. A different age and era, Our little village lived off the land and saw nature as the main provider for it’s needs. here’s the village healer walking every morning through the center of the village looking to buy his fresh herbs from the different island explorers and traders who dare to wonder in the island woods to find new plants and unusual resources.

Traditions were the village law and chief Boco made sure his people follow these laws. Every Night he will gather the elders. The elders were very respected among their people, Heard and unchallenged. They respected and loved their chief. Only one of the elders that envied chief Boco, Rao hated the Chief for many reasons but maybe the most was for his people’s love and not to mention what happened between their ancestors. Rao grandfather was a powerful chief in the village but he wasn’t kind nor caring to his people and when he was lost in the sea the Villagers choose Boco’s grandfather as an elder to take over and become the Village Chief, worried that Rao’s descendants will share the same cruelty their grandfather had.

Boco loved his people but above all he loved his family, his wife Nari and both of his Daughters Koni and kobi. Every Day he would take them and collect the sanais around the Village borders for the elders gatherings at night, the sanais were a special type of herbes that the Chief burn in the gatherings to show respect and unity towards the elders of the village.

“I don’t want to go to collect the sanais Today” Koni said desperately to her dad

“but this is our little family tradition” Boco said surprisingly

“she wants to visit the ruines again in the far side of island ” Kobi said while getting her hair braided by her mom

“but please, I just want to see what it looks like” Koni repeated

“we don’t go to the far side of the island, especially the ancient ruins” Boco said firmly

At this point Koni gave up on explaining her self to her family, but determined as her mother Nari was when she was her age. she decided that she will visit the ruins Tonight when the gathering is happening. the chief will be busy with the elders and her mother will be next to her husband the chief observing the old traditions with the rest of the village. what is a better time to visit the ruins.

Once the sunset started, Koni sneaked out and started moving towards the forest, towards the forbidden far side of the island, where ruins existed.

Running towards the forest as fast as she can, trees surrounding her everywhere. The village is getting further and further behind. Now trees and plants started to take different shapes and colors she has never seen before.

“I must be close I remember this is the path I followed last time when I heard this Voice calling my name”

The landscape changed completely from soil ground to rocks and the ground started elevating, running become harder now. Koni had to climb up and hike her way to the ruins. there is no longer trees surrounding her, its now rocky hills.

“I see it” she whispered

The moon was shinning on the ruins and it sparkled her eyes, she felt unstoppable joy she is back here again. last time she was too close to the voice that called her only if the Chief didn’t stop her in the last minute.

“I knew you will be here” said a sudden Whisper

She turned to find her sister catching her breath while heading towards her.

“Didn’t father already warned us about this” said kobi with a frustrated look on her face.

“He always Does, but look at this place these are the same samples on our Village walls” said koni replying to her sister while she is looking at the ruins from above the hill.

“I don’t know why I always think you will listen to me, let’s just do what you wanted to do here, whatever that is, before Father notice we are not joining the gathering” Said Kobi with her head thrown back looking up towards the sky

Koni jumped with Joy and grabbed her older sister Kobi’s hands and started running down the hill toward the ancient door of the ruins. there were two giant statuses at the gates of the mines looking toward each other while carrying swords and shields. the sisters’ barley reached its toes in height.

“Huh, I know these symbols on the shield of these status, the elders use it all the time in there gatherings” Said Kobi to her younger sister with bored tone of voice

“What is it!!!” said koni with a sudden jump

“It’s Kaleej, it’s an ancient term our ancestors used to say, which means the Pure Bloods” said kobi uninterestedly

All of a sudden the Status started moving there heads from looking at each other, and now they started looking down at the two sisters, a sudden sound of thunder echoed but the skies were clear, a shade of a man started walking towards them from inside the ruins. He kept walking slowly towards both sisters, the moon light started shinning Brighter on him. he is dressed in the ancient customs of the village.

“What have you done Kobi???” shouted Koni at her sister

“I didn’t do anything, I just read the symbols” Replied Kobi to her sister with terrified voice

[to be continued…]




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